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Cantonese: Jadeworld Pack

Enjoy same day broadcasting from Hong Kong and Taiwan with the Cantonese: Jadeworld Pack offered by DISH. Receive the latest television programming from Canton and Southeastern China highlighting the very best TV drama, latest news, and a variety of entertainment shows. You'll have acess to the five most popular Cantonese channels: TVB1, TVB2, TVBe, TVBS and CCTV 4. Catch fun TV shows like "Love As a Predatory Affair" on TVB, which is a light-hearted romantic drama set in contemporary Hong Kong. Sign up with DISH today to receive Cantonese channels and international TV programming at a low, everyday price.


  • - CCTV 4
  • - TVB HD*
  • - TVB Drama*
  • - TVB Chinese*
  • - TVB Pearl*
  • - TVB1
  • - TVB2
  • - TVBe
  • - TBVS

for 24 months
regular rate $29.99
if you bundle with a qualifying American pack. No code required.


Cantonese: Gem


  • - Guandong Southern TV
  • - Now Chinese Drama
  • - Now International HD
  • - Phoenix Hong Kong Channel
  • - Shen Zhen Television
  • - Sky Link Television 2



Cantonese: nowTV Pack

nowTV is a brand-new international programming package brought to you directly from East Asia. This television package offers 3 popular nowTV channels broadcasted from Hong Kong, featuring TV entertainment shows in high-quality production, 24/7 financial news and popular dramas. The Cantonese: nowTV Pack brings you international programming in High-Definition (HD), the first available Cantonese HD channel! Sign up today to receive Cantonese television programming in stunning quality, at affordable prices, everyday!


  • - Now Chinese Drama
  • - Now International HD